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About Us

By: Herrick Kimball

Herrick Kimball is a homestead-based business located in the rural countryside of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. The business is owned and operated by Herrick and Marlene Kimball. It is part of a larger and more diverse mail-order company named Planet Whizbang.

Planet Whizbang is the culmination of Herrick's lifelong dream (since he was 16 years old) of having a successful mail order business. It took only 39 years to make the dream a reality. As the saying goes... Good things take time.

Click Here to check out Planet Whizbang.

The picture above is Marlene and me (Herrick) in Kennebunkport, Maine (September, 2017). It's a rare photo because I almost never take a vacation. It's hard to find time for vacations when you have a mail-order business. A four-day weekend vacation is pretty much the limit. But I'm not complaining. I love what I do for a living.

Marlene and I have been a team since high school. This is a  picture that was taken for the year book. We were class couple. That was 1976!

I think it makes a difference when you know a little something about the people you are dealing with, even if you are just buying poultry shrink bags. So that's why I've put this personal About Us page together. Now, when you order poultry shrink bags from us, you aren't buying from total strangers. :-) 

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