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To Canada

We use the U.S. Postal service to ship all orders to Canada. The cost of postage is surprisingly expensive (compared to a US address). With this in mind, many of our Canadian customers have bags shipped to a US address and they drive over the border to get the bags.


If you can do that, then just use the order buttons on the Chicken, Turkey and Parts pages of this web site. If you have to use your Canadian address to complete the payment, simply do so and immediately send us an e-mail with the US address you want your order shipped to. Or, contact us with the address change prior to placing the online order. We will acknowledge the address change by return e-mail, and also send you tracking information when we ship your order.

Shipping To Canada

We appreciate our Canadian customers and their bag orders! But it is difficult for us to provide the same level of easy ordering, prompt shipping and timely delivery as we do with our USA customers. There are several reasons for this, and we want you to be aware of them...

First, the cost of postage is much more variable, and harder to figure for mixed orders to Canada. We provide some order buttons for common chicken-size bags below, but if you want turkey bags, you need to contact us with your order and we will put together a price quote, with shipping included, as explained at the bottom of this page. 

Second, USPS package tracking goes only to Canadian customs. It does not go all the way to your delivery address. This can be discouraging.

Third, delivery times can vary greatly. A typical order will get to you in 7 to 10 days. But there have been instances when it has taken longer, especially if the package gets held up in customs. Or, if you are in a remote location, it may take awhile. We once sent shrink bags to the Canadian Klondike (in winter) and the package took over a month to get there. But it eventually did get there.


The good news is that in our 16 years of mail order business, we have never had a Canadian order not get delivered (as long as we were given the correct address).

Shrink Bags to Canada
poultry shrink bags to canada

The order buttons below are for 10" x 16" chicken-size shrink bags. Prices include the cost of shipping to a Canadian address.

Option #1
Shrinkbag Easy-Kits
poultry shrink bags for Canada

Our Shrink Bag "Easy Kits" include shrink bags, zip-ties and 2" x 2" blank labels with freezer adhesive. Prices include Priority shipping to any Canadian address.

If you are a home-scale poultry producer, or you are new to shrink bags, you might want to consider getting one of our “Easy Kits” as pictured above. These kits contain 10” x 16” poultry shrink bags along with 4” zip-ties and 2” x 2”, white, peel-and-stick freezer adhesive bag labels. You supply the hot water and chickens and our Easy Kits make shrink bagging easy.

To order, simply choose a quantity from the drop-down menu below and click the “Add to Cart” button. All Easy Kits are shipped by US Postal service Priority Mail and prices below include the cost of shipping to Canada.

Option #2
Just Bags 
poultry shrink bags for Canada

No zip ties. No freezer labels. Just bags.

We sell "just bags" in increments of 50. If you want to purchase just bags (no zip ties and no freezer labels),  you can do so with the drop-down menu options below. 

You will notice that quantity options go up to 300 bags. That is how many we can fit into a USPS Flat Rate Priority box. Therefore, if you want, for example, 500 shrink bags, you need to order 300 bags, then order another 200. Your order would then be shipped to you in two Priority boxes. This system of packaging and selling makes it easier for us to get your order shipped out promptly.

Shrink Bags to Canada
Turkey shrink bags for Canada

If you are interested in ordering turkey bags, or a combination of chicken and turkey bags, please send us an e-mail with your needs. We will figure out the packaging, weight and cost of postage and send you a PayPal invoice for the order. If we are particularly busy with orders, it may take us a day or two to get your order all figured out. But once you place an order, we will be shipping it promptly.

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