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Parts Bags

And How-To

parts bags for poultry shrink bags

It's easy to bag up chicken parts with our shrink bags. Everything you need to know is on this page.

There are two bag options when it comes to packaging chicken parts, and there are two how-to options for shrinking the bags.


First, you can simply use our 7" x 11" parts bags. They are made of the exact same material as our chicken bags.  Simply put your parts in the bag, then zip-tie and and shrink as you would a whole chicken (tutorial here).  Second, you can use our 10" x 16" bags, as shown below.

Parts Bags
7" x 11"
parts bags for poultry shrink bags

These bags are available in 25-bag increments, as indicated in the drop-down menu below. In addition to chicken parts, this size will accommodate small whole birds like quail or dove. Shipping cost to any USA address is included in pricing.

(Note: pricing reflects a 13% price increase in June 2024.)

Uncounted Full Box
 of 2,000 @ 7" x 11"

The 7" x 11" bags come from our supplier in boxes of 2,000. If you use a lot of this bag size, you can save considerably by purchasing an uncounted full box. When we don't have to take the time to count out the bags,  we pass the savings on to you. But you need to understand that the box is uncounted. There may be exactly 2,000 bags in the box, or there might be a few more than 2,000, or there might be a few less than 2,000. If the total count is off, it will not be off by a lot, but it may be off by a little. If getting an exact quantity is important to you, please order using the drop-down quantities above. We double-count those and guarantee you will get the exact number you order. We ship uncounted full boxes by UPS Ground only.

(Note: pricing reflects a 13% price increase in June 2024.)

Full Box Price: $555.00

(price includes UPS Ground shipping)

Using Larger 10" x 16"
Bags For Parts
impulse sealer for poultry in shrink bags

With an inexpensive impulse sealer, like you see in the picture above, you can make two parts bags from one of our 10" x 16" chicken-size bags. And no zip ties are needed. You can see this process in the following YouTube movie that we made...

That video also shows how Marlene and I use a heat gun to shrink our parts bags. We like to use the heat gun because it's a whole lot easier than dunking the parts bags into hot water. The only disadvantage to the heat gun is that it often does not shrink the bag as smoothly over the bird, as you can see in this next picture...

chicken breasts in poultry shrink bags

The chicken breast on the left was dunked in hot water. The one on the right was shrunk with a heat gun. We've gotten much better at heat-gun-shrinking since this photo was taken, but the finished packages are still a bit wrinkled. It's an aesthetic difference and not a problem for us as we package birds for our own use, not for sale. Here's a picture of some frozen parts packages that were shrunk with a heat gun... 

frozen chicken parts in poultry shrink bags

If you opt to shrink your packages in hot water instead of using a heat gun, here's a tip...

chicken breast in poultry shrink bag

That beautifully packaged chicken breast is in a "steamer basket" with a handle. The basket came with the turkey fryer unit we bought to heat up shrink water. Dunking parts in a basket is the safest and easiest way to shrink these small packages.

parted chickens for poultry shrink bags
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