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Our Planet Whizbang mail-order company started when Herrick self-published his now-famous Whizbang Plucker plan book back in 2002. The success of that book led to the publishing of more books, the selling of poultry plucker parts, and numerous other idea-products, some of which are featured on this page...

The Whizbang
Plucker Plan Book
Whizbang Plucker Plan Book

Over 25,000 copies of this book have been sold since 2012. Thousands of homemade Whizbang pluckers are dependably plucking chickens in backyards and on small farms all across America, and in many foreign countries. 

Simply scald a couple of dead-and-bled chickens, flip the plucker on, drop the birds into the barrel, and watch the show. Fifteen seconds later, the feathers will be gone. It's that easy. It's that fun!

The original Whizbang plucker (made in 2000) has been loaned out to numerous friends and neighbors over the years. It has plucked many thousands of birds and is worse for wear, but it's still a solid, dependable tool. It plucks birds as well as the day it was made!

Price: $19.95

Also available as a less-expensive pdf download.

Click Here for details.

The Whizbang
Chicken Scalder Plan Book
Whizbang Chicken Scalder Plan book

The Whizbang chicken scalder is, in many respects, a more impressive example of useful shadetree engineering than the Whizbang plucker. It works flawlessly at automatically holding a steady scalding temperature (within a 4-degree range). The porcelain-lined dunking tank (made from a propane-fueled water heater) is easy to keep clean. And the insulated tank is amazingly efficient at holding heat in. Hook a propane barbecue tank to this unit and it will keep the water at prime dunking temperature all day long. Click Here to watch Herrick's YouTube video of this dunker.

Price: $23.95

Also available as a less-expensive pdf download.

Click Here for details.

The Old-Timer's
Poultry Library Flash Drive
Old Time Poultry library collection

Here's something special. We took 35 classic old poultry books, scanned them into pdf files and compiled them into a USB Flash Drive. Just plug the flash drive into your computer and you have a wealth of poultry how-to from years gone by. Click Here to see all the books in this flash drive library, and there is an order button there too. Price is only $12.95.

Price: $12.95

Whizbang Toe-Tapper
Faucet Switch

If you process your poultry on an outdoor sink, check out the Whizbang faucet switch in the video above. It's a hands-free foot (or hip) operated water valve. More details at This Web Site.

Herrick's Chickenhead
Door Knocker
chicken head door knocker

It's a whimsical pull-string chickenhead door knocker. Check out the world premier chickenhead door knocker movie on YouTube (Click Here). And if you want to make one of these rare and delightful little knockers, Click Here for plans and parts.

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