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When we don't have to take the time to count bags,  we pass the savings on to you...


The prices below are for uncounted, full-box quantities of turkey-size bags. 


The full boxes are shipped to us on pallets, and pallet boxes are not suitable for shipping by UPS Ground. So, what we do is open a full box and transfer all the contents to a new, heavy-duty, double-wall, cardboard box. The bags are precious cargo and we want them to get to you in good condition!


Please understand, we do not count the bags. Thus, there may be the exact right number of shrinkbags in the box, or there might be a few more, or there might be a few less. If the total count is off, it will not be off by a lot, but it may be off by a little.


If getting an exact quantity is important to you, please order using the drop-down quantity selections on This Page. We double-count those and guarantee you will get the exact number you order.

Shipping Details: We ship uncounted full boxes by UPS Ground only,


Postage Details: The Prices below include UPS Ground shipping. 

Small Turkey Bags
13" x 26"
(for 7 to 15-pound birds)

Uncounted Box of 500

Price: $405

Out of Stock

We hope to have more full boxes

of this size in early September.

Medium Turkey Bags
16" x 26"
(for 15 to 25-pound birds)

Uncounted Box of 500

Price: $578

Back In Stock — Limited Supply

Large Turkey Bags
18" x 32"
(for 25 to 30-pound birds)

Uncounted Box of 500

Price: $748

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