Poultry Shrink Bags chicken

Poultry Shrink Bags

Fast, Easy, Professional-Quality Packaging For Small-Farm & Backyard Poultry Producers

Commercial Grade 

Laminated Barrier Plastic

65 Micron Thickness

Round Bottom

BPA Free 


Prompt Shipping

Over A Million Bags Sold

(Since 2011)

We Aim To Please!

Inflation Alert !

Our shrinkbag supplier raised our prices 5%

in March 2021, 7% more in June, and 8% more in October. We have had to raise our prices accordingly. Hopefully, there will be no more inflation price increases. And if our costs go down, we will not hesitate to bring our prices down.

2021 Disruptions?

Dateline: 12 July 2021

Availability of bags is holding steady but we have been informed that "supply dynamics are subject to change in these turbulent times." Also, postal delivery times are getting longer in some instances. Please anticipate your needs and order well ahead. Also, you might want to sign up for our e-mail list to stay informed.

Herrick Kimball with his Whizbang Chicken Plucker

PoultryShrinkBags.com is owned by Herrick Kimball.  That's me in the picture above with a couple of just-plucked chickens. I'm smiling because it took me less than 15 seconds to pluck those birds clean in my homemade Whizbang Chicken Plucker.  I developed plans for the now-world-famous Whizbang Chicken Plucker back in 2002. My wife, Marlene, is a big part of this shrinkbag business too.  When you order bags from us, Marlene and I personally attend to your order. We ship promptly. And we answer shrinkbag emails promptly too.

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Here's How To

Git 'er Done With

Our Poultry Shrinkbags

Step 1

Our bags shrink tight around a bird when you dunk them into hot water. The water should be around 180 degrees. 

What A Difference A

Shrink Bag Makes!

Food Saver seal failure
Chicken Freezer Burn

Believe it or not, that was a fine-looking chicken when it was originally bagged using a Food-Saver vacuum sealer. But, as so often happens, the seal gave out and freezer burn ensued. It's a sad and frightful outcome.

Chicken in poultry shrink bag

On the other hand, our shrink bags have no vacuum seal to fail. The bag physically shrinks tight to the bird. Most air in the bag is excluded, and it stays that way. The 65 micron, laminated, barrier plastic offers maximum protection from freezer burn. It's a beautiful thing.